C-litter (Bulldogg, 1/2013)

Sire: Bull äxions energizer X "Dam: Mastif hill myspace meusic



This litter was born 17.1.2013. Muusa self whelped a litter of 7. Pictures can be found here and pedigree of the puppies here.

B-litter (Bulldogg, 6/2012)

Sire: Seabright silver satisfaction        Dam: Mastif hill myspace music



Unfortunately this litter was not ment to be, so there were no puppies.

A-litter (Great dane, 11/2009)

Sire: Genedda star of bemu's                   Dam: C'mon unlike any other


Puppies were born 10.11.2009 Pedigree in database

Video and pictures of the puppies

Pictures of the A-litter with owners at 1 year of age

  • Male    CALCIFER'S ASAKO        harlequin 
    • Hips B/B
    • Elbows 0/0
  • Male    CALCIFER'S ATATAKAI    merle               
  • Female CALCIFER'S AKARI         black               
  • Female CALCIFER'S AMAI           harlequin 
    • Hips A/A
    • Elbows 0/0 
    • Knees 0/0
    • Eyes: Healthy
    • Hearth: No herat murmur found
  • Female CALCIFER'S AMEKO        merle      
    • Hips A/A
    • Elbows 0/0           
  • Female CALCIFER'S AYAKO        harlequin               
  • Female CALCIFER'S AYUMU        black  
  • Female CALCIFER'S AMEKO        black     
    • Hips B/B
    • Elbows 0/0